When your work is recognized, you can take pride in what you do!


There are over 700 thousand veterans in the State of Georgia, and nearly half of us live and/or work in Metro-Atlanta.  If just one half of us would utilize our fully earned veteran benefits, we would increase our personal incomes over $75,000.00 per year, and increase Metro-Atlanta Tax Revenue over 2 billion dollars.  So, we are reaching and connecting with local governments to get them to offer incentives for veterans to use their home and business loan benefits. Even the VA is concerned by the underuse of these benefits. We are encouraging and empowering veterans and dependents to step-up for these benefits. Atlanta City Councilman Michael J. Bond now recognizes and supports this Chapter's work.  We take pride in what we are doing.

  • Leadership

    Eldson J. McGhee, President

    Anthony Merritt, Treasurer

    Rev. Gaston Edison,

    Rev. Ervin Jefferson,

    Rev. Charlie Guy,
    Executive Board Member

    Bernard Mattox,
    Executive Board Member

  • Membership

    74 VVA Members, and
    28 Associates