The Sons of Atlanta Vietnam Memorial Project


Atlanta's most Honorable Patriots are listed here. This is about Atlanta's Pride. We must honor the ultimate sacrifice made by the young men which allow us to enjoy the freedoms afforded to us for the past 50 years in this country and even today. We will honor them with a permanent memorial structure presented by the City of Atlanta at Piedmont Park.

We are the only major city in the state of Georgia that has yet to do this or to be well into the process of completing it. 

We are stepping for our hometown heroes; heading the call of Former President Barak Obama when he signed the Proclamation establishing the 50th year commemoration of the Vietnam War in 2012. Calling for the nation to make amends for its treatment of Vietnam Veterans. There are less than 5 years left to accomplish this goal. In order to do so, we need the involvement of everyone in the entire Metropolitan Atlanta area to become involved. 

We invite school systems, churches, businesses, community associations, families, and individuals to take part. Give through our GO FUND ME page by clicking the link below or by purchasing a brick in the name and honor of a loved one who served or died in service to this country.

Since we are a Capital city in an International hub this memorial will reflect who these young men were and are, and what the mean to us as a nation. My song for them is,"We Are On the Rise, From Their Greatist Sacrifice"!

These are the names of those who gave their lives for this country in the Vietnam War.

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