The Power of the Collective



We are living in perilous times. But these are exciting times as well. We have the opportunity to change the landscape of our country...of our world!

Needless to say that it is imperative for you to use your right to vote.

We have to study the candidates and the issues. Vote with purpose. We can not just vote for one party anymore. Its time to vote across party lines. It must be an issue vote, not just a popular vote.

Many incumbents have been in office for over 5 decades and not much has changed for us. Its time for a new interpretation of social values. Its time for a changing of the guard!

We must recognize that we have the opportunity to see that our communities get the economic funding so desperately needed. We must vote out those who have had the opportunity to make a difference but, have not. Opportunities must be given to those who make the difference in our communities as well as the country as a whole. Existing laws must be changed!


Go to Vote.org to Register. 

Election day is Nov. 3

Registration deadlines Online: Oct. 5

By mail: Postmarked by Oct. 5

In-person: Oct. 5

Absentee ballot deadlines

Request: Oct. 30

Return by Mail: Postmarked by Nov. 3

Return in person: Nov. 3 by 7:00 p.m.

Early voting Oct. 12 - Oct. 30, but dates and hours may vary based on where you live.